Tractates of the Mishna

26 08 2011

In preparation for the second week of a course that I am currently teaching (“A Comprehensive Introduction to the Rabbinic Literature”), I have put together a handout on the Mishna. In this handout, I have listed every tractate of the Mishna, numbered both in accordance with its place within each order and its place within the corpus as a whole, together with a translation of its title into English and a brief description of its contents. I have also included mention of the number of chapters in each tractate, and a footnote for each that presents every relevant verse within the biblical literature. While I have included on the tenth page the titles of the three texts that were of assistance to me in compiling this data, there may be errors within it that are my own. Likewise, any errors of omission are most certainly mine, as anybody familiar with the first two items in the bibliography will appreciate.

Interested? Feel free to do with it as you please:

Tractates of the Mishna“.




4 responses

27 08 2011

A useful summary. Thank you.

A small suggestion: you should put your name in the PDF so that users remember where it came from.

27 08 2011
Simon Holloway

Thank you, Robert – that was an oversight.

7 09 2011

My thanks also! And may I also suggest that you add a weblink to this page on the PDF.

7 09 2011
Simon Holloway

Thanks, Mark – that’s actually a pretty cool suggestion.

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