Listen to Yourself

4 06 2011

The above is an advertisement for a particular brand of condoms, which appeared at bus shelters recently in Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, Australia. Following a coordinated campaign by the Australian Christian Lobby, the offending posters were removed, and a barrage of hateful, homophobic nonsense was given loud expression. Not everybody who objected to the advertisement had a problem with homosexuality (some of them merely had a problem with public displays of sexuality in general), but in an attempt to mock those of them who did, a group of actors put together a selection of the worst and most ridiculous statements that had been made and set it to film.

This video constitutes part of a counter-campaign to have the ads reinstated – successfully, I might add, as of the start of this month. For an overview of the brouhaha, the Brisbane Times features this article. It is certainly true, as interested readers may observe, that the video was not mocking everybody. Nonetheless, the opinions that it utilised speak loudly for themselves, and prove too well a useful adage: there is something more effective than arguing with idiots, and that is giving them a microphone.

A good friend of mine recently observed that such hilarity might be produced in all situations in which one sets textual online comments to film. While I am not meaning to have a go at Christians in particular, the following video is a comedy staple.

What can I say. Perhaps if there were a program that enabled our computers to read our comments back to us before we committed them to the internet, much stupidity might be avoided. I realise, of course, that I am not the first person to consider this…




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4 06 2011
Wisdom is Tested in Internet Comments | Exploring Our Matrix

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5 06 2011


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