All Together Now

5 12 2011

Are you a true Beatles fan? Can you think of nothing better than sitting at home and listening to every single one of their songs? Do you have somewhere you have to be in nine minutes? Then this sound file is for you! Put together by “ramjac”, whose full list of shared creations is available on SoundCloud, the following constitutes every single song that the Beatles ever recorded… performed simultaneously.

The start times are staggered so that the songs can all end at the same time, and you need only click the little speech bubble in the bottom righthand corner if you want to hide the comments that other listeners have appended to the track. Enjoy!




3 responses

6 12 2011
Daniel Lipman Lowbeer

I knew it. All that so-called “music” is just noise.

6 12 2011
Simon Holloway

Turns out that my (parents’) parents were right all along.

12 12 2011

Hey, you can’t say that! It’s only 0.44% of just noise.

This sounds like the kind of music I was brought up on by my high school art teacher, during the brilliant mayhem of our practical classes :) I especially like how it begins and ends.

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