Masters of Language

4 07 2011

My hunch is confirmed: linguists make the best authors. Not only is Tolkien’s translation of Jonah superior to any other that I have ever read, but Geoffrey Pullum’s account of his stay in Sofia makes for some exceptionally gripping reading. I’m not sure how to relate his post back to the biblical and rabbinic literature, save to note that Joseph Caro also lived in Bulgaria for a bit.

So there you go. Relevant.




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5 07 2011

Do you know if Tolkien ever published anything on translation theory? I’ve just read his Jonah and it’s brilliant; I’ve also read some of his translations out of Middle English, which somehow have the vitality and impression of the originals while keeping faithful to particulars. I’d love to know what his philosophies and opinions were on the choices in translation.

5 07 2011

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