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24 06 2011

For some reason, I tend to discover things several years after the rest of the world does. Whether it’s first seeing George Lucas’ Star Wars trilogy in 2004, or only discovering Coppola’s The Godfather in 2005, it’s not strange for me to wait until the hype has completely died down about something, and all but the most hardcore of fans have stopped enthusing over it, before I give it a go. Such has certainly proven to be the case with television programs for, as an avid non-watcher of television, I can easily go for years without knowing about such excellent series as The Office (BBC) and The West Wing. Imagine my sheer and unadulterated delight when, some time ago now, I discovered The Sopranos. A longstanding fan of gangster films, from Donnie Brasco to Once Upon a Time in America, the premise of this 86-hour television series really struck a chord. From The Godfather to Goodfellas, there have been gangster movies that have inspired me, excited me, uplifted me and intrigued me, and yet The Sopranos beats them all.

I know that nobody has the time to sit down and watch an 86-hour long television series in anything briefer than half a year, but for those of you who have seen the genius that is David Chase’s creation, the following advertisement is stirring indeed. Made by the very talented Lyle over at, I cannot think of a better and more fitting tribute to this remarkable series.

And for those of you who, like me, find the conclusion to the last episode a real punch to the stomach, “MasterofSopranos” has composed a lengthy defence of his interpretation, which I think is well worth a read. His general conclusions are the same as mine were, but his observations as regard POV, smash-cutting and the types of visual imagery that David Chase employed were all new to me, and much appreciated. The first page of his lengthy analysis can be found here.




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24 06 2011

In that case you should check out The Wire if you haven’t (speaking of being late to the party to crime shows that are a masterpiece).

22 08 2011
Simon Holloway

I am a little late to say this, and slightly embarrassed to note the date of your comment and realise that I went through five seasons in only one month, but thank you. It took me a little while to get into it at the beginning, but I actually think that The Wire is the best show that I have ever seen. It flowed along with all the intricacies of a novel, and not once did I get the impression that they were attempting to drag it out.

Long and complex narrative arcs, exceptional character development, the blurring between the righteous and the wicked, and a staggering insight into the gritty underbelly of a 21st century American metropolis. I loved it! From the first season to the last, it had me hooked. Almost makes me want to start watching television, if shows can be this good…


22 08 2011

Oh wow, I completely forgot about this, I didn’t realise you actually started watching let alone go through all 5 in a month!

On the other hand if you still want to avoid watching TV you can just reason that if it’s the best show you’ve seen it’ll all be downhill from there, which it kinda is.

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