27 04 2011

How far would you go for a pie?

Recently, driven on the winds of hunger, I drove 775km for one of the best pies in the world. Large chunks of real beef, drenched in gravy and blanketed in thin, crusty pastry…

Fortunately, the annual Blues and Roots Festival happened to be on while I was in Byron Bay, so I also managed to see several acts, including Fishbone, Indigo Girls, Jethro Tull and Bob Dylan. For the last one, I can only say that the times, they are a-catching up. And when I was not at the festival, walking on the beach, hiking through the bush, nor gazing at the horizon from the vantage point of Australia’s eastern-most tip, I was irritating anybody who came within earshot by reading the first two tractates of the Mishna aloud in an effort to cement them before moving on to the third. I should certainly have brought the first of my new thirteen-volume Mishna with Kehati with me, the better to correct my inevitable comprehensive lacunae.

It is so good, at the end of a long, two-day drive, to be again home. It is so wonderful to be back in my book-lined room, to which I have recently added not only those volumes of the Mishna (only $100, if you can believe it, from Pomeranz Books), but a full set of Steinsaltz Babli, and an impressively comprehensive four-volume analysis of Jewish Law by Menachem Elon, former justice on Israel’s supreme court. I have so much reading to get through, so much marking that has to be done, new courses that need to be prepared, a talk on the history of Palestinian Judaism that needs to be given, and a thesis that I need to write. It’s good to be back.




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