Going Straight

15 01 2011

A Nadder! links to a fascinating little animation about the (apparant) human inability to walk in a straight line when vision is completely impaired. Although the narrator (Robert Krulwich) refers to this as the manner in which people constantly turn even when they think that they are going straight, I would be more inclined to suggest that we have a tendency when blindfolded to think that we are going off course, and that it is our attempts at correcting our direction that cause us to go astray. But what do I know? I was born crooked.

(And because this is supposed to be a bible-related blog, even if in only dwindling measure, “Ecclesiastes 1:15”. There, I said it.)




One response

15 01 2011

If you want a Biblical connection, the circling paths drawn in the video are very close to the paths the Israelites must have taken to take 40 years to get across a desert that’s only about 300km as the crow flies!

Also the explanation you offer is much more plausible than the one-side-is-dominant one mentioned. In the words of a great man, I now think “how extremely stupid not to have thought of that”.

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