Criticising Israel

14 10 2010

I have surprised a few people, and offended a few others, with my last post. The problem with trumpeting the findings of the UNHRC is that I present myself as being a supporter of the council and as endorsing their conclusions. I very deliberately refrained from adding my own opinion to the post because I did not wish to convey this impression, but the effect is the same one way or another. My intention was to make available an item of historical significance, so that an inability to locate the document in question could not possibly serve as an excuse for those who are interested in the subject but who are not familiar with the council’s report. As I came to discover, several people whom I had previously accounted freethinkers refused to read it anyway, on the grounds that we all know how partisan this council is. Indeed, if I refuse to read opinions contrary to my own, I can continue holding steadfast to my beliefs without any fear of growth or contradiction. How disappointingly prevalent this attitude is in my community.

I considered removing the post once people started complaining to me about it, but I have changed my mind. It is specifically for the people who so hate to see it here that I am keeping it up.




2 responses

15 10 2010
John Hobbins

I am thankful for the original post. I would never have read as much about reactions to the incident without the offered opportunity. The reactions are revealing, and so are our reactions to the reactions.

15 10 2010
Simon Holloway

Thanks, John: I think so too! Indeed, it is most disturbing to me how partisan this whole phenomenon is. Not content with merely observing the major players, many feel a need to pick a side and to pit themselves against those who support the other. I’m a voyeur in all things political, if you have not noticed :)

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