25 07 2010

When in doubt, write about books. That’s my motto. And today, I acquired another 39. Counting Samuel, Kings, Ezra/Nehemiah and Chronicles as two books each, that’s the number of books in the Hebrew Bible. But that shouldn’t surprise you. And aside from two books that arrived from Amazon (Adele Berlin, Poetics and Interpretation of Biblical Narrative; Meir Sternberg, The Poetics of Biblical Narrative: Ideological Literature and the Drama of Reading), they were all gifted to me. Yes indeed.

I spent the afternoon at the home of my good friends Aaron and Rivka, and their two beautiful children. As mentioned in a previous post, in which I celebrated carrying off four beautiful kabbalistic, Hassidic and technical texts, Aaron’s grandfather was in possession of a large number of sefarim, and I am in possession of a lot of shelf space. (An out-and-out lie, incidentally: I almost broke my neck just a moment ago, trying to step over all of them, piled as they are in my room.) Allow me to adumbrate:

• Zohar (full set: al haTorah, together with Zohar Chadash and Tikkunei HaZohar): 22 volumes, incl. Matok MiDvash. Seeing as I also own a 3-vol. Zohar al haTorah and a 12-vol. complete Zohar with Hebrew translation, I think I can stop collecting Zoharim now;
• Zohar Ramchal (commentary of Moses Chaim Luzzato on Zohar al haTorah);
• Two kabbalistic siddurim (1964, 1975), both printed in “Ktav Ashurit“;
• Another copy of Raziel HaMal’akh;
• A Pesach Haggada, in the Spinka Hassidic tradition, with commentary;
• Another Sefer Yetzirah, with commentaries by the Raavad, the Ramban, Rav Saadiah Gaon and the Vilna Gaon, amongst others;
• Yet another kabbalistic siddur, in the tradition of Shalom Sharabi: 3 volumes;
Tikvat HaGeulah and Derekh Emunah (one volume each). The latter is a collection of discourses on the nature of faith by rabbis of the Rishonim and Acharonim, with a focus on the Baal Shem Tov and his disciples, while the former is more explicitly an adumbration of the philosophy of Shomer Emunim;
Sefer HaChinukh: 2 volumes;
Sefer Shomer Emunim, by Reb Aharon Roth (1964): 2 volumes.

What I need is a nigleh room and a nistar room, just to fit all of these. Knowing my luck, I’d only lose the key to the nistar room and forget how to get there.




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