Galus Australis

23 07 2009

As of this week, I am now going to be a regular contributor at “Galus Australis”, the link to which can be found among my other links on the right-hand side of the page. Rather than cross-post to Davar Akher, I thought that I might provide people with the opportunity to read the articles at “Galus Australis”, and possibly comment upon them, in situ. My first article, which was uploaded yesterday evening, is on same-sex marriage. My question: do our prejudices derive from the Bible, or are they something that we have been taught to read into the Bible?

I recently met a homosexual man who was opposed to gay marriage and whose opinions on the topic I found most interesting. He recently uploaded a rather touching exploration of his feelings for his friend, and he mentions his objections to the institution of marriage there. It’s well worth a read.




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