BCT 15

14 07 2009

The 15th annual Bible and Critical Theory seminar is now behind us. Highlights, for me, included Helena Bolle’s fascinating exploration of metaphoric language concerning the body in the Bible, and James Harding’s presentation of the David and Jonathan narrative. For Roland’s recap, see his latest blog post. I was surprised to see it myself, as Roland seems to be specifically remembering things of which I had absolutely no knowledge! There was a nightclub there? People were pairing off !?? The things one neglects to notice…

Oh, and if you look at Roland’s post, you can see the shiny top of my bald head in his first photo. A subtle form of recognition, but I’ll take what I can get.




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14 07 2009

Hi! It is interesting, no? how different people can view the “same” event in different ways?! I also jsut wanted to say that my comment on Roland’s page – about word statistics papers – although WAS directed at your paper (coming as it did just after James’ one), BUT I still thought you had some interesting points and made me re-look at a Psalm that has always puzzled me – so thank you for that!! BTW, the nightclub was downstairs, in the same room where the Conf was held!! Funny eh – by 11pm it was pumping!!! You should have stayed!!

14 07 2009
Simon Holloway

You are most welcome, even though I’m not exactly sure how much of that was a compliment! Ha! Not to worry: I was acutely aware of the absence of critical theory from my paper, and do suspect that I (and those whose papers, in contrast, contained nothing about the Bible) needed a good rap on the knuckles. Roland is decidedly too lenient, although I shall bear it in mind for the next one, at which I likewise hope to present.

Statistics are a necessary evil with what I do. Not too many in my paper though, I hope? I think that they are useful when they are stark (eg: 87 active uses of that particular verb with a direct object, compared to only one without), but irritating otherwise. And I thoroughly agreed with James’ point that the Bible is an ideologically-defined corpus, and that this fact is rarely taken into account when tabulating.

14 07 2009
Michael Carden

I’ve just discovered you have a blog which I will add to my blogroll once I’ve finished my post on the seminar. I thoroughly enjoyed the Seminar but Roland seemed to have noticed much more than I did too. Putting me to shame, too, as I thought I was the resident sexuality person :)

15 07 2009
Judy Redman

Yeah, well maybe it depends on what you went for. I went for the opportunity to listen to papers and talk about them with people for whom I didn’t need to provide a 10 minute background statement before I say what I wanted to say. That’s what I got and it was great. Maybe Roland was looking for something different? :-) (I really enjoyed your paper, Simon – I now see the Psalm in a new light, too – but I am a biblical scholar, so the lack of critical theory wasn’t a problem for me.)

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