Breaking the Chain…

2 07 2009

… temporarily.

Until such time as I can satisfactorily organise my various links, I’ve decided to remove them rather than risk offending anybody who might notice that theirs has suddenly gone missing. It feels strange to remove links to websites run by my friends (and websites that I read, no less), but it is my intention to limit them to those that have a direct bearing on either Biblical Studies, the Ancient Near East, syntax and morphology, or Semitic literature. I hope to have my new list up soon!

My new blogroll, for now, is up. It bespeaks a most obsessive mind. Perhaps, with the incrementation of blogs, my academic interests may broaden? Probably not, but at least they will be more widely represented.




2 responses

16 07 2009

Something I’ve always wondered but never asked.. why Language Hat but not Language Log?

16 07 2009
Simon Holloway

No reason. Until rather recently, I only rarely checked Language Hat anyway. Thanks for the heads-up: I just added it to my sidebar, and to my RSS.

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