Bible and Critical Theory Seminar – update

23 06 2009

The new timetable for the 15th Bible and Critical Theory Seminar is now up, on Roland’s blog. I am listed as “TBA”, which actually stands for “The Biggest Apikorus”. I used to be “Torah’s Brightest Admirer” but then, “Tempted By Atheism”, I “Tossed Belief Aside” and became “Troubled, But Academic”. Contrary to what some people think, being an apikorus is not about “Taunting Believing Adults”, but is really just about “Teaching Bible Areligiously”. Still, it’s no great shock if there are some people out there who feel I need “To Be Advised”.




3 responses

24 06 2009

One of your finest works.

26 06 2009

Very nice. And mazal tov on the domain name! When did that appear?

26 06 2009
Simon Holloway

Thankyou! The domain name was a recent move; I’m now in the process of trying to figure out how to link another one that I registered to this one. As I have the technological capabilities of a 15th century chimpanzee (not one of your modern chimps, mind you) it’s taking me a little while.

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