Bible and Critical Theory Seminar

14 06 2009

From the 10th to the 11th of July, Roland Boer is hosting the 15th Bible and Critical Theory Seminar in Newcastle, NSW. And, if spending 24 hours pontificating about scriptural exegesis were not glorious enough, it is to be held at The Grand Hotel, ye bastion of the amber nectar! I urge all interested readers to contact Dr Roland Boer, who might be reached via his blog, and express your interest!

The paper that I am going to present is entitled “If I Forget You: A linguistic and stylistic analysis of Psalm 137”.

Update: My paper is going to be focusing upon the final line of the psalm and suggesting that, rather than being viewed as stylistically dissonant, it actually indicates a great deal concerning the author’s sitz im leben, and helps us tentatively propose a date of composition. Further to that, this information then gives us a new lens through which to read the rest of the psalm, and highlights an area of irony that reveals much of the author’s identification as a(n ex-patriate) Judean. I look forward to being able to give you more information on this as we get closer to the date of presentation.




5 responses

14 06 2009

The paper certainly sounds interesting. A lot of people shy away from that last verse (especially in musical settings of the psalm), but because it seems rough, not because it seems out of place. I can’t say I ever understood its role in the psalm.

15 06 2009
Simon Holloway

I think it’s the roughness that makes it so out of place – to my mind, anyway. I’ve heard people state that it would be their favourite psalm were it only eight verses long, and I’ve yet to meet anybody who really feels they understand why it needs the ninth. I don’t intend to explain its purpose (which eludes me completely), but simply to comment upon that which it indicates about the psalmist, and then take things from there. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

15 06 2009
Judy Redman

Simon, I can’t find this paper on the program list. When are you giving it?

15 06 2009
Simon Holloway

The program list that you have is a little out of date. I’ve only recently submitted and am told that the list will be updated soon.

20 06 2009
Judy Redman

Ah. I am hoping to get there – depends on whether my in-laws are able to put us up then. My husband has been going to visit his parents and siblings near Newcastle for months, so I figured this could kill two birds with one stone – he can catch up with his family and I can have my mind expanded a bit in areas I don’t have time to research for myself. :-)

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