In Absentia

24 12 2008

Contrary to the clever observation of my good friend, Daniel, the title to the last post was not a self-fulfilling prophecy at all. Those words were hardly famous.

Also, I am now back. It has been a very busy few months, which have seen (and are still seeing) the completion of my Masters in Ancient History. They have also seen a renewed vigour in my PhD, which I am hoping will continue in the coming year. I expect that 2009 shall be as busy for me as 2008 has been; despite having my Masters out of the way, I am happy to say that I shall now be teaching an adult-education course in Jewish literature and philosophy at Shalom College, UNSW, and that I have been appointed the Director of Education at North Shore Temple Emanuel. With several ideas for blog posts up my sleeve, I am also hoping to be able to take time away from my schedule and get back into writing “for pleasure”.

In the meantime, however, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of my readers a happy Hannukah, a very merry Christmas, and a fantastic new year. I look forward to seeing you all on the blogosphere in 2009!




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