Love Transcends Nothing

28 09 2008

גם בימים ההם ראיתי את היהודים השיבו נשים אשדדיות עמוניות מואביות
ובניהם חצי מדבר אשדודית ואינם מכירים לדבר יהודית וכלשון עם ועם
ואריב עמם ואקללם ואכה מהם אנשים ואמרטם ואשביעם באלהים אם תתנו בנתיכם לבניהם ואם תשאו מבנתיהם לבניכם ולכם

זכרה להם אלהי על גאלי הכהנה

In those very days, I saw that the Jews had taken Ashdodite, Ammonite and Moabite wives,
and half of their children spoke Ashdodite and couldn’t speak Judean, but [spoke] the language of other nations.
So I fought with them and I cursed them, and I hit some of the men and I pulled out their hair. And I made them swear to God: “If you so much as give your daughters to their sons, or if you take their daughters for your sons or for yourselves!”

Remember it against them, my Lord, how they defiled the priesthood…

Nehemiah 13:23-25, 29

The more that I read this book, the more that I come to hate its main protagonist. How is it that I had never noticed before what an incredible jerk he was?




2 responses

29 09 2008

Yeah, it’s quite blatant in both Ezra and Nehemiah. Maybe even cuts closer to the bone of a modern reader than some massacre in Judges since it’s much closer to modern day experience.

30 09 2008
Pro-Bible Atheism -- a Nadder!

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