11 06 2008


Of course, you can’t see Linguistics because it’s waaaay over to the right. (Ahem)




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12 06 2008

Dear Simon,

You could be god sent to teach me Aramaic, lol. I’m dying to learn Aramaic especially, that book heading, that you have on the head of your web. That kind of Aramaic i want to learn. i don’t know how i ended up, on this weblog, it could a destiny, lol
pardon the cheesy jokes, seriously I’m very interest in learning Aramaic. Here’s my email: [hidden], contact me we’ll talk more

ps. i couldn’t find your direct email, so hope you get this

13 06 2008

Dear Simon

I couldn’t find your email so this is very off topic for the post

but FYI

“Davar Acher” is also yiddish slang for pork

also very cool blog you have

14 06 2008
Simon Holloway

Thankyou, Konshtok, I did not know that! Strangely appropriate, perhaps…

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