“The 9 Most Badass Bible Verses”

18 05 2008

This is absolutely hilarious. Just as a warning to anybody who may be easily offended by colourful language: … well, whatever, you can read it anyway.




One response

21 09 2008

In reference to #7, the (translated) text reads:

“…whose genitals were like those of donkeys…”

If I may speak transculturally for a moment, I have noted an anthropological study of an African tribe in which larger penis size was actually undesirable, to the point of being a common insult. “Your penis is huge” was actually a common reason for rejecting a partner. Of course, this was in the context of a far more matriarchal society than ours, where each women was expected to take multiple lovers in addition to their husband.

I say this both to illustrate a possible alternative subtext, as well as to further procrastinate my own studies.



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