I survived!

11 04 2008

Seems that my body is still used to crawling out of my tent at a ridiculous hour. I didn’t get to bed last night until around midnight (a good four hours later than my recent average) but it is 5:30 in the morning now and I am thoroughly awake. Nothing for it but to read my new book: A Biblical History of Israel (Provan, Long, Longman) and thank the good Lord that I don’t have to ride my bike today. Two weeks in the saddle have taken their toll.

The follow is a brief synopsis of the distances that I cycled each day:

Pre-Ride: This was supposed to be a 50km ride from Katoomba to Lithgow but was cancelled due to the fact that it featured a 200m drop over a 2km distance and was considered too dangerous for 1500 people to ride. It was replaced with an 18km loop ride around Lithgow; naturally, I did it three times. 54km
Day One: Lithgow to Oberon. Colder than Delilah’s heart. I packed a frost-covered tent at 7:00am with frost-covered fingers. 64km
Day Two: Oberon to Portland. 58km
Day Three: Portland to Rylstone. 83km
Day Four: Rylstone to Mudgee. 56km
Day Five: Rest Day
Day Six: Mudgee to Cassilis. The smallest small outback town of the whole trip. Population of 120! 102km
Day Seven: Cassilis to Scone. The hardest day of the whole trip: nothing but hills, mostly of the ascending variety. 108km
Day Eight: Scone to Denman. 75km
Day Nine: Denman to Singleton. 78km
Day Ten: Rest Day. This is good because by this point both of my knees are well-and-truly stuffed.
Day Eleven: Singleton to Morpeth. 64km
Day Twelve: Morpeth to Stockton. And my first flat tyre of the whole trip! Only 5km from the finishing line… 57km

So there you have it, folks: a grand total of 799km over the course of eleven days of cycling and two days of rest. For my next trick I plan to travel 1500km by pogo stick. Sponsors, anyone?




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