“Death By Pedals”…

25 03 2008

… is how it was recently described to me.

So that you know, I am about to participate in a cycling marathon to raise money (and awareness) for MS. Over the course of thirteen days I will be riding a distance of 730km. Some days are not too topographically tricky, although some (despairingly, a 104km day is one of the worst) have more ups and downs than Britney’s career. I will be leaving on Thursday, although the marathon itself does not start properly until the Sunday immediately after: getting there early allows me to enjoy the first campsite without having to dismantle my tent and fly off first thing the next day, get to meet my fellow cyclists in an informal setting, and also to enjoy the pre-ride cycling trip around Lithgow on Saturday. Because 730km is evidently not enough.

I doubt very much that, with everything else that needs to be done before I leave (such as, you know, convincing my supervisor that I really am giving top priority to my PhD), I shall have any time to write another post. Not that I have been doing much in that department for a while, but I expect the next update will occur after my return on the 10th of April. I also expect that writing a post may be the only thing that my body will be able to do, the extremities of my fingers being the sole appendages still capable of tactile perception.

We shall see… Until then, cheerio!




2 responses

10 04 2008

Welcome back!

11 04 2008
Simon Holloway

Thanks, chap.

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