I Love Australia

28 11 2007

I mentioned once before that the best thing about my job is reading the responses that people make to the declarations of traffic officers that they were breaking the law. That has now been superseded by the unadulterated joy I have at reading of infringements like this one (issued to a small group of men):

Walked while drunken and naked in the vicinity of nearby family camping group. Loud conversation and music as well. Did stop making noise and streaking following request from the family to do so. Group expressed remorse at their actions, and were well-behaved during the remainder of their stay.

They were each issued a $300 fine, but I think it was probably worth it.




3 responses

30 11 2007

Fat chance of anything like this happening in Israel (I mean the last part)…..

btw, pls check out my new posts.

6 02 2008

was this the same group of guys next to us on the bucks?

6 02 2008
Simon Holloway

Ha! No, but this is why I was so interested in whether or not the police were going to fine them. $300 isn’t too steep when split amongst a group of ten people, but it would have given me an opportunity to see if the fine were the only thing or if they were also penalised in other ways.

Ah, I hate my job.

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