Free Rice

19 11 2007

For those of you who are unaware, there is a company called FreeRice that has a game on the internet that anybody with a love of language may play. They are funded by the advertisements that are refreshed along the bottom of the screen and every time you correctly define a word, twenty grains of rice are purchased with that money and donated through the United Nations to third-world countries. Lest one should assume that the output would be minor, the last month-and-a-half has seen the donation of 2,457,120,420 grains of rice. You can have a look at their statistics page, if you like, and watch that figure grow, or you can play the game yourself and contribute to the world’s newest form of charity. (Or, as my father quipped, you can deliberately get words wrong and make people starve. We share a strange sense of humour.)

Anyway, the game provides you with words that are suited towards your vocabulary level, the latter being determined on the basis of the number that you can get right in a row. Every three correct raises your score by one point, but one incorrect drops it by one. 50 is the highest score, but I challenge anybody to reach 49!




3 responses

23 11 2007

How high have you reached? I usually hit 46 or so

5 12 2007
Daniel Lowbeer

Okay, I’ve donated 2000 grains of rice, and I think that’s enough for one day. Talk about encouraging people to procrastinate by making them think they’re doing something important. My highest was 47.

5 12 2007
Simon Holloway

My highest was 49, but it was only once and it was a total fluke. I stayed there for the length of one question and then dropped right down to about 43. I think my average is around 45?

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