What Passes for an Education

9 09 2007

On the 28th of August, the University of Sydney screened a documentary on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Entitled, The Iron Wall, the documentary was billed as being about “the on-going colonisation of the Occupied Palestinian Territories by Israeli settlers”. I can find three words within that sentence that indicate to me that this film is driving a particular agenda. Fascinatingly, the production then featured a panel discussion of three self-proclaimed experts: Dr Victor Batarseh (the mayor of Bethlehem), Randa Abdel-Fatteh (a member of the Palestinian Human Rights Committee and a practising Muslim) and Anthony Lowenstein (Jew, and self-proclaimed anti-Zionist). What a fascinating film, what a fascinating discussion! Highly recommended for all who have an opinion and would like to bolster it!

WARNING: Not for those who seek information, as such. The presentation of more than one point of view is confusing for today’s youth and not appropriate for a university setting. Bah.




One response

1 10 2007

I will have to check this film out.

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