A Virtual Gift

29 06 2007

A very talented sculptor by the name of Robert Mileham recently had the good fortune to meet Conrad H. Roth and Sir Gawain. They spent a day at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, where Robert took several photos, now available on his blog. The first time that I encountered Robert I mistook him for a computer-generated algorithm. He has since forgiven my indiscretion (it seems, in fact, that he is not a line of code, however complex and recursive) and I was flattered to note that one of the pictures he took was taken for me: a sixteenth century stone tablet, engraved with samples of five Biblical texts, plus a postscript. The writing is flowery and beautiful, and a different calligraphic style is chosen for each one. The scripts are all embossed and so, without being able to view it with any real depth perception, it is difficult to make out what some of them say. The languages of composition appear to be German, for some, and Latin, for others. But I shall let you judge for yourselves:

Stone Tablet

The plaque at the bottom of the photograph notes the choice of primarily canonical texts (as opposed to deuterocanonical, or “Apocryphal”, texts) as reflecting the influence of Protestantism in a city that remained a Catholic centre even after the Reformation. Interesting! I thank Robert for his excellent gift and I look forward to being able to read those parts of it where the script is large and clear enough to be legible. I also encourage everyone to see the original post, on Robert’s blog, where he has other photos from his day and a short commentary of his experiences.




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9 07 2007
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