Making a Beginning

26 06 2007

A question: how does one commence studying Hebrew? I have taken on a student (aha, a question with a practical application!) and our first class is tomorrow afternoon. Seeing as she is already familiar with the alphabet (and has previously studied Arabic), I thought that I might commence with a closer look at the same. We have an hour in which I am planning to cover the soft (and, briefly, hard) dagesh, vowel lengths, syllabification, the šewa, and a couple of rules concerning both the usage of the šewa and various preformative prepositions. I am hoping that doing this will still leave us time to get through the vocab in lesson one of Lambdin’s introductory grammar, and work through a few of the basic sentences that he provides together. That way she can finish that chapter for homework and we can continue, on subsequent weeks, with tackling the following chapters from there.

I’ve not taught an adult before and it has been so long since I started learning Hebrew myself. Any suggestions from the teachers in the crowd?




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