Some New, Some Old

2 03 2007

In the spirit of Purim, DBS has written a hilarious parody of bBer 2a, the first page of the Babylonian Talmud. Rather than reproduce it here, I advise you all to look at it over there.

Maybe it’s his tone of voice, but something about it reminds me of a post by Ben Chorin almost a whole year ago. A parody of the Artscroll/Feldheim sage biographies, it’s both cleverly written and very funny.

Of course, while I’m in the habit of linking to other people’s parodies, this one is an absolute classic: Mark Shea’s source-critical analysis of The Lord of the Rings. How can a critique be both so humorous and so sobering at the same time?




One response

7 03 2007
Joel Nothman

I think the source criticism of Winnie the Pooh is somewhat more famous.

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