Cities in the Blogveldt

28 12 2006

Lacking the energy to compose anything of my own, the following is a brief list of posts that I have read lately and which have made me think.

Duane Smith has an interesting article concerning the possibility of deriving the extent of a scribe’s (il)literacy from the nature of an inscription. Charles Halton responds to Duane’s article, and it is well worth reading the range of comments appended to his short critique. Duane responds to Charles with a fascinating post on the possible provenance of Biblical Hebrew. It is also worth reading Charles’ response to this, concerning the inherent difficulties in positing language development – particularly when dealing with ancient languages for which there is a dearth of literature.

Kevin P. Edgecomb has a sobering critique of “Biblical” Archaeology. His conclusions are more accommodating but, in light of the fact that the Bible was composed over a substantial period, and that the contributing authors were most reticent to disclose the ‘truth’ (favouring, instead, a very different notion of “history”), I am not entirely sure as to the extent with which I would agree with them.

Finally, Jason Rosenhouse has an excellent review of H. Allen Orr’s review of Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion. (Thanks to Christopher Heard for the links).




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