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25 10 2006

Just a quick note to say that I am still alive and plodding along. I am, hopefully, going to have my thesis in this Friday (five copies, bound and submitted) so there’s a fair bit to get done before then. I am presently on 11-12,000 words (not including my 2,000-word appendix) but I have a certain degree of revision, thanks to the attentiveness of both my supervisor and another academic with whom I have been corresponding over the internet. I must fix up several things within my Chapter 3, as well as completely revamp the second of my two introductions (Chapter 2). Then, aside from a few issues that pertain to formatting, I need only pen a brief conclusion that recaps the major conclusions throughout my thesis and – voila! I’m all done.

I look forward to writing another proper post soon. Any suggestions?




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27 10 2006

>Any suggestions?

Hebrew orthography.

28 10 2006

I’m all for you coming up with something obscure. Oh wait, that doesn’t narrow it down much …

28 10 2006

I second S. On the other hand, something non-Hebrew related would probably be a nice change for you after the last few months..

28 10 2006
Conrad H. Roth

How about something on the Merkabah–either historiographical or speculative? Or on dimensions and the construction of buildings in the OT–Ezekiel, Solomon, the Ark, etc. ?

Or else on some modern poetry you like, as that’s your other primary interest.

Good luck on your thesis!

28 10 2006
Simon Holloway

Thanks! I look forward to getting around to your excellent ideas ASAP.

S: Are you thinking of a specific phenomenon in particular? I find the historical changes to be of interest (ie: proto-semitic => Canaanite/Aramaic/etc)
Conrad: Merkabah sounds interesting! I was thinking of ordering in a set of Zohar and the Etz Hayyim (Lurianic Kabbalah), and that may indeed spur me on to dealing with something from that area of thought.
Jen: Sorry, but I’m in too deep. I couldn’t leave it if I tried.

Oh, and Daniel: Hi. How are you?

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